Taction's Technology

As part of a connected world, it is Taction's responsibility to remain at the forefront of technological advances. In doing so, we become strong partners with each of our clients.

Taction's automatic contact distribution system (ACD) runs in a redundant, ultra-reliable Linux environment. Using dynamic routing techniques, your customers' telephone calls are seamlessly integrated with e-Mail messages and e-Chat sessions by this single ACD engine.

The benefits are tremendous.

Response to your customer is always delivered in the shortest time possible by the next available agent with the appropriate skill sets, regardless of inquiry mode.

Taction's sophisticated forecast application ensures that we minimize customer call wait times and maximize the time our agents spend on your business because we schedule to our forecasts.

Our data storage and reporting capabilities flow from a robust, relational database, also running in a redundant Linux environment. Tell us what you need. Our systems group can easily create both simple and complex reports, involving multiple sorts on any field, and relating any fact or facts in the database to any others. As your needs evolve, new data items and data tables can be added without compromising existing screens, data, tables, or reports.

We carefully tailor our proprietary ResponseTrak® computer screens and software to emulate your software and business model. We provide data upload and download interfaces to your software application.

If you prefer, Taction agents in Waldoboro will use your software, executing on your systems, at your site.

Taction captures and delivers the data you need, the way you need it.

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