Disaster Recovery Plan

Taction has two servers that operate in a dual mirrored mode. One server is primary. The second runs in standby mode with a mirrored version of the database. A modified heartbeat application constantly updates the standby server keeping the standby machine within minutes of concurrency with the primary. Each server features a 45 GB RAID 5 array for disk drive redundancy. The database is also backed up to tape daily, with weekly master backup tapes stored off-site.

A propane-fired 100-kilowatt Caterpillar Olympian computer-grade generator can provide continuous power for our entire facility for months, if needed. In every test the generator restored power to the building in less than ten seconds. Redundant, uninterruptible power supplies support all critical systems which means power will not be interrupted for them. This system is tested weekly to provide assurance of a seamless recovery should power fail.

Since the firm began in 1983, mid-coast Maine has never experienced a storm severe enough to prevent the majority of our staff from coming to work. Hurricanes and tornadoes are seldom a threat.

We are located less than one hundred yards from Verizon's central office in Waldoboro. Loss of Verizon telephone service anywhere in Maine has been rare.