Business-to-Busines Services

Expand Your Market with Taction Telesales

  • Open new accounts
  • Reactivate dormant accounts
  • Launch new product lines
  • Service current accounts
  • Supplement field sales
  • Support your best reps

...all with no overhead or hiring hassles.

We learn your business—your company, your customers, and your competition. Then we design and run a telesales program especially for you.

Download a copy of our white paper "Increase Sales and Lower Your Costs Using Business-to-Business Telesales." It contains valuable information on implementing a telesales program, as well as a case study of a major player in the gift business.

Get an account manager who:

  • oversees your program from day one
  • stays on the lookout for ways to improve sales and service to your dealers
  • provides you with important metrics about your dealers—including buying patterns

Use one or more telesales agents to:

  • identify and sell to new and hard-to-reach dealers
  • give customized, convenient service to your current dealers
  • reach dozens of dealers every week

Taction telesales agents are accessible by e-mail, e-fax, and toll-free telephone. They see each transaction as an opportunity to elevate your brand reputation.

Let your field salespeople concentrate on selling by hiring a telesupport agent who will:

  • set up sales appointments
  • make follow-up calls
  • notify key dealers about new products
  • take care of time-consuming details and paperwork

We'll adjust your team size and services to meet your needs. Your costs will be variable, not fixed.

Your System or Ours

We'll use your Customer Relationship Management system in real-time or we'll configure order entry and database software here. If you desire a report that we don't currently offer, we'll create it.

Call for a No-Obligation "Taction Value" Estimator

Let us tailor a Taction Value Estimator that will show you how telesales can help your company grow. Determine the number of dealers you want to convert, see your possible return on investment, and plug in various telesales and telesupport team sizes and other program scenarios. Call 800-458-5461or e-mail to learn more.

Download a copy of the Taction Business-to-Business Services brochure: